Investment Programs

KKWM starts by understanding your investment goals and objectives. We make it a priority to always maintain an objective view in helping you achieve your financial goals. Our asset management program is a prudent and conservative way of accomplishing that.

Taking advantage of our strong expertise, we will serve you with integrity, professionalism, warmth and create a trusted advisor relationship.

Alliance Partners

In order to implement and manage your portfolio, KKWM has developed strong alliances that provide high quality support and options for you. Some of those alliances include:

    Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)
    Provides access to a high-quality collection of structured asset class, no-load mutual funds that are
    normally only available to institutional investors.

    Custodians for your accounts:
    Fidelity Investments
    Schwab Institutional

    BAM Advisor Services
    Serves as KKWMs support and resource center.

    Santa Fe Trust
    An independent trust company that provides personal trust account administration, working with
    us for trust account investment management.

    Provides access to a fully bundled, web-based competitively priced 401(k) service for plan
    sponsors and their employees.

    AEGON Financial Services Group
    Enables you to access DFA sub-accounts inside a no-load, low-cost variable annuity.